Vitamin D – Deficiency

Vitamin D is important to the health of all children and adults. If we do not get enough Vitamin D then this can prevent adequate bone mineralization, leading to bone softening diseases such as rickets in children and osteomalacia and osteoporosis in adults. The symptoms of such problems include aching bones and joints in all parts of the body, and can be particularly evident in the winter.

Deficiency of vitamin D can result from inadequate intake of vitamin D in our food and/or inadequate exposure to sunlight.

For Somalis and other dark skinned races from parts of the world with plentiful sunshine, we can have particular difficulties when we live for extended periods in Northern Europe, parts of North America, and other areas with less natural sunshine.

Fortunately there are effective Vitamin D supplements, available usually in tablet or capsule form, that can be taken to top-up our Vitamin D levels.

Advice on ways to manage your Vitamin D intake can be obtained from your doctor. There are also various web pages giving advice, including that from the UK National health Service (NHS) at:





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