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Well we’re still here, eight years after we started our “Somali Women’s Lifestyle” website  to cover issues relevant to Somali women around the world.

Those of you who have visited the site before may have thought that the content was fairly static. You are correct, we have been pretty quiet for a long time – but now that COVID-19 is mostly out of the way – THINGS ARE CHANGING.

The site has been developed in English, with the Somali Language version in parallel. Please click on the language flags in the menu to switch between languages.

We are hoping to add more content at regular intervals now, so stick with us. We already cover issues such as:

– Medical, and particularly the menopause

– Family

– Cooking

– Job Opportunities, and much more!

Please submit your comments below, or email us at somaliwomenslifestyle@gmail.com

If you think you may like to advertise on our site then please contact:


We will get back to you as soon as possible. SEE ALSO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL : 


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