Childcare & Education

We all know the importance of looking after our children and making sure that they get the very best start in life in terms of health, nutrition, and education.

Advice on health, including links to NHS sites for those living in the UK, are given in the “Medical Issues” section of this website.

We have included a few items of advice concerning nutrition under the “Recipes” menu below.

With respect to education, most western countries start state funded formal classes from the age of 4 or 5. In many areas the kindergartens and schools are over-subscribed, and it is important to select the one you prefer and get your child’s name on the waiting list as soon as possible. The procedure for enrolling your child will vary according to which country you live in, and sometimes within different areas of the same country.

The procedure for choosing a school for those living in the UK is given in the attached link.

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