Domestic Abuse

Within the family, abuse can occur in many forms. The most commonly reported type of domestic abuse is where a husband or male partner physically assaults his wife or female partner. This is of course both morally and legally wrong.

There are also several other types of abuse which should not be allowed to go unreported and must be stopped. Children are entitled to protection from physical abuse from their parents or their siblings, and there are also cases of women attacking men.

Sexual abuse within the family is something that people are sometimes embarrassed to report to the authorities, it is however essential that crimes of this nature are not allowed to be hidden.

Abuse can also occur in the form of mental, emotional, or financial abuse.

The primary agency to contact if you are a victim of abuse, or are aware of abuse to another member of your family is the police.

Within the UK there are a number of organisations, some publicly funded and some charities, which specialise is helping victims of abuse and seeking to ensure that the abuse stops. Most western countries will have similar arrangements.

We have included links to some of these organisations below.

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