Exercise & Lifestyle

As Somalis many of us were accustomed to a life involving a significant amount of physical exercise each day. We walked to school, we tended our animals, we collected and carried water. All this exercise, although not always welcome, helped to keep us fit and contributed to good health.

Over the years many of us have moved to other countries where life is very different. However, we must be aware that a lifestyle without so much physical exercise can bring problems for our health.

There is a reason why so many people spend time jogging, swimming or attending a gym. Our bodies need regular exercise to keep out muscles working properly, to avoid putting on too much weight, and to guard against a range of health problems associated with inactivity, such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and other conditions.

We also need to be aware of other lifestyle aspects. Eating the correct food, and the correct amount of food is very important. Also we should recognise that smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and chewing khat, are all harmful, not just to ourselves, but to our families and those around us.

The links from this page give advice on a number of these aspects. We welcome your comments on these topics – please contribute to our blog.

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