Let’s talk Menopause.

Let’s talk menopause.

What I mean is, let’s get to the nitty-gritty about menopause. This subject it is so important to discus and talk about it openly and honestly. The reason I am saying let’s talk openly is to help each other and


Help Raise Awareness

Well come to the world of menopause and hot flushes. I’m amazed at how little this so-womanly function is hidden away in our society. I’m surprised that I didn’t know about all the symptoms. Hot flushes and a few erratic periods and being a bit ratty was the extent of my knowledge.

When I am with family and friends and I suddenly rip off a layer in company – other women friends of a certain age look at me knowingly. ‘You too?’ A friend recently whispered.
When I openly said ‘yup, I’m getting hot flushes’ the rest of the company looked embarrassed.
It makes me frustrated that I’m expected to pretend nothing is happening to me and I’ve been expressing that frustration by telling my friends.

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